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Easter Cookie DIY Kit: A Fun Activity for Little Ones!

Easter Cookie DIY Kit: A Fun Activity for Little Ones!

Published by Bronwyn on 25th Mar 2024

With Easter just around the corner, it's time to start planning some exciting activities for the little ones. If you're looking for something to keep them busy and entertained, we have the perfect solution - our delightful Easter Cookie DIY Kit! Not only will they have a blast decorating their own cookies, but they can also unleash their creativity by coloring and decorating the box with their favorite crayons or coloring pencils. Let's dive into the details of this fun-filled kit!


Our Easter Cookie DIY Kit includes soft, buttery, and gluten-free sugar cookies, perfect for little ones with dietary restrictions. Each kit contains six cookies, ensuring there's plenty to share with friends and family.


To ensure a delicious and safe treat, our cookies are made with carefully selected ingredients. Here's what you'll find in each cookie:

- White rice flour

- Tapioca Starch

- Potato Starch

- Cornstarch

- Xanthan gum

- Castor sugar

- Butter

- Eggs

- Vanilla essence

Allergen Information:

We understand the importance of catering to various dietary needs. Our Easter Cookie DIY Kit is free from common allergens, but please note that it contains the following ingredients:

- Corn

- Eggs

- Dairy


  1. Open the DIY Kit and take out the cookies.
  2. Lay the cookies on a baking tray
  3. Unleash your creativity! Use the icing and a variety of colorful toppings to create your unique designs on the cookies.
  4. Use crayons or coloring pencils to color and decorate the box as you like.
  5. Once the cookies are decorated and the box is beautifully adorned, it's time to enjoy your delicious creations!

Our Easter Cookie DIY Kit is not only a fun activity for little ones but also a great way to engage their artistic side. Let them enjoy the process of decorating their own cookies and expressing their creativity by coloring and decorating the box. With our gluten-free and delicious sugar cookies, everyone can join in the Easter fun, regardless of dietary restrictions. Order your Easter Cookie DIY Kit today and make this Easter extra special for the little ones in your life!

Remember, Easter is all about joy, creativity, and delicious treats!

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