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About Us


Off the gluten path was created to help people with Celiac disease, those with food intolerances or sensitivities, and those that simply want to follow a healthier way of eating.

Hello! I’m Bronwyn.

“Off the gluten path” is my journey to make gluten-free ingredients more easily accessible and make gluten-free living easier. It is about creating a community for individuals who understand the challenges of living with dietary constraints. It is also a place where, regardless of your chosen food path, you can source the finest quality gluten-free and naturally free from gluten products.

What is especially important to me is that in creating this site, I have sourced products from local artisanal suppliers, where possible, to support small businesses in South Africa. 

Lastly, as there is also no formal industry standard around gluten-free food labelling, in partnership with the Celiac Association of South Africa we are lobbying to get all our products in our shop officially certified as gluten-free. I hope this will give you peace of mind when stocking your pantry cupboard.

How did it start?

After years of suffering from various health issues, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and can confidently say that I am a “been-there, done-that” Celiac. While it has been relatively easy to cut gluten out of my diet in my home environment, it did mean I had to remove many of my favourite meals too.

I love to travel, so by default also eat out a lot. Despite checking if a menu item contains gluten, I still suffer the odd, decidedly ungraceful blackout and a midnight run to hospital after eating food with hidden gluten in the ingredients. And it is not the caterers’ fault! Finding out if a food contains gluten is complicated – it’s often disguised under various names such as triticum vulgare (wheat), secale cereal (rye), seitan (wheat), and malt (a form of barley) to name a few.

Off the gluten path was born, partly due to my frustration of having to shop at three or four different stores to buy my groceries, partly because I am tired of trying to decipher labels and cross my fingers that what I eat won’t make me sick (less stress for family and friends). Mostly, because I love good food and want to take the legwork out of choosing gluten-free products! This is a new adventure, launched in August 2020 so if you don’t find your favourite brand, send me a note and I will try to procure it!

Look forward to chatting soon,




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