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What's Important

What's Important to Us

1. You and your well being

Our products are sourced to support a gluten-free, allergy-free lifestyle. We have done everything we can to ensure that our products are sourced from manufactures that are ethical and transparent in the production of their gluten-free products.

2. Inclusivity 

We want all South Africans to eat well.

3. To support regenerative agriculture and products

Where possible we source natural products from farmers who support regenerative and organic farming methods. To ensure that you are eating the most nourishing food to support a healthy lifestyle, we check the ingredient lists of all products sold so that you can shop in peace. If you think we got something wrong, please contact us at

4. To make environmentally conscious choices

We believe in zero-waste and support conscious consumption. We encourage environmentally-friendly packaging from our suppliers and re-use and up-cycle our packaging to you wherever possible. 

5. To support the entrepreneurial spirit

Supporting the growth of local entrepreneurs and small businesses is extremely near to our heart. We source the majority of our products locally, and we have discovered some amazing and inspiring suppliers that we are proud to support.

6. To provide healthy alternatives to more people

Eating well goes hand-in-hand with a happier life. Together, we can create a cycle where farming and our food distribution nourishes both people and the planet. Our “buy a seed” project is aimed at enabling families to plant their own vegetables and herb gardens to help alleviate poverty and to encourage healthy eating. Where any products near their sell-by date, we will distribute these to organizations that can safely utilise them at our own cost.

7. Community  

Creating a network of nutritional and health experts who our community members can reach out to find expert advice. Living with Celiac disease or food intolerances can be debilitating and complex to manage. By increasing understanding and knowledge of allergens and triggers, community members can better navigate the complexities of food selection. They can live their lives to it's fullest potential with one less thing to worry about.   


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