Celiac Association of South Africa (CASA) Partnership

Celiac Association of South Africa (CASA) Partnership

Published by Diana Swales on 15th Mar 2021

As the founder of the Celiac Association of South Africa (CASA), I am excited that our organisation is gaining recognition as the authority on gluten-free eating in South Africa. We are actively lobbying to elevate the profile of CASA as a regulatory body that can work with the Government to create a standard for consumers to effectively manage their dietary gluten intake.

Above this, our primary commitment is to help Celiac patients and their families. We do this by increasing awareness, providing accurate, up-to-date information, and supporting those with gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease.

We are very excited to partner with Off the Gluten Path to create an environment where Celiac sufferers, their families, and friends can get together once a month to share experiences, discuss learnings, and receive expert advice.

The Off the Gluten Path shop is more than a store, it is a community. The lovely staff are well trained and either have Celiac Disease or lives with someone who does. This makes such a difference in the interaction and shopping experience as the staff understand and empathise with the associated lifestyle challenges.

Nicolette from The Celiac Coach recently hosted a discussion here about budget-friendly celiac living. Nicolette kindly shared her knowledge of how she runs her gluten-free and non-gluten-free house simultaneously, how to avoid the expensive sauces and pasta’s by producing your own, as well as how to reduce pantry items and the cost of living with Celiac Disease.

Thank you both Off the Gluten Path and The Celiac Coach.

Take care,

Diana Swales

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